Your new canteen service


How does it work?

It’s very simple! Each of your staff can order his/her
daily lunch by 10am and get it by 12.30 pm.

Businesses using this service can contribute anything
from £8 to the full cost of each lunch, and treat 
their staff with amazing food.

The remaining amount is paid by each staff with their
debit/credit card before check out.

Why choose

Advantage for the company

  • A great perk to make your team happy
  • Helps you to cut on canteen costs
  • Enjoy more flexibility
  • All your staff can choose their lunch by 10am,
    from the best London caterers
  • The cost is very minimal for the company

Advantages for employees

  • Great opportunity to get delicious food
    delivered to their desk everyday
  • More choice than with an old school
    physical canteen
  • They feel recognised by their company

We offer delicious food from

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The future of the canteen is in the cloud! Lunch2desk is easy to scale up from 10 to 1000 staff, so you can offer them
their favourite perk. Lunch2desk is the best solution for hybrid work places and to save on physical canteen costs. Contact us now for a free demo.