The future of the canteen is in the cloud! Our canteen service allows your staff to get their lunch only on the days they work from the office. Lunch2desk is easy to scale up from 10 to 1000 staff to feed every day.
You company can offer a daily allowance from £5 to £15 per lunch (and your staff would pay any difference). 

Lunch2desk is the best canteen solution for hybrid workplaces, or to save on canteen costs. 

Advantages for the company

Advantages for the employees

Lunch is definitely the best perk to make your teams happy at work. Lunch2desk also helps you to cut on canteen costs as you enjoy more flexibility. All your staff can choose their lunch by 10am when they work from the office, from a great range of hot and cold meals! The cost is very minimal for the company.  

Lunch2desk is a great opportunity to get delicious food delivered to their desk everyday. They will have much more choice than with an old school physical canteen within the office. They will also feel recognised by their company. Food is always a perk that all staff enjoy the most.